New Book: 100 Ways to Feel Inspired

Would you mind taking a look at this website:  It is a book which hopefully will soon be published,  Thank you very much for your visit and your time.



“100 Ways to Feel Inspired”

Coming soon….

There are those times in life when all we need to hear or read is a simple “inspirational phrase” to accomplish the task set before us. It’s like we know we have the potential but to bring ourselves to manifest this potential seems to be difficult. “100 Ways to feel Inspired,” is geared to “turn into action” the potential within us, as we continue our journey of love, peace and justice. It is aimed at giving us this sense of focus and direction. The underlying principle of this book is that life is not determined by its pains and hurts, but rather by our ability to continue to live and contribute significantly to the development of all after we have encountered this challenge. If one person can be helped by this book which has been such an inspiration to the author, then to God the Eternal be continuous Praise! and the author’s goal would have been met.

I am grateful and humbled that an agent has accepted the manuscript and would be continuing in search of a publishing house.

inner strength

Why should I continue,
When failure is at my door,
You should,
Because there is this little space between you and failure,
That tells me you are not failure,
You are different,
Failure comes only after existence,
Thank God not before,
Or else creation would have been a failure……
But it is really an aspect that comes after creation,
Therefore it is equal neither to you, nor I or the other,
Neither can we be ever reduced to failure……
You like all other humans are always more than failure,
So grab this little space,
Embrace this little space,
Provided to us to make a difference,
The victory is being aware of this little space,
And using it wisely.
So come on one more try,
With this space in mind,
Thank God you did it.


Many are the times have I wondered,
Within the realms of possible happenings.
For my dreams of continuous thought,
Out of consciense though scary,
Is all but a natural possibility.

And today lifes wanders so mytic filled,
And not a mask to this unending possible,
Enhances this step to which I am none the wiser,
Within this realm of what is possible.

And So I trod through life’s timeless classic,
Savouring that which has become all the possible,
For from deep within this space of life,
This given chance dines another possible.

And when to the end I shall bow,
To that which has been this forever brow,
I shall not fail nor regret this open door,
That leads this great beyound and more,

And thus another possibility……