100 Ways to Feel Inspired

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There are those times in life when all we need to hear or read is a simple inspirational phrase to accomplish the task set before us. It’s like we know we have the potential but to bring ourselves to manifest this potential seems to be difficult.  “100 Ways to feel Inspired,” is geared to “turn into action” the potential within us, as we continue our journey of love, peace and justice. It is aimed at giving us this sense of focus and direction.  The underlying principle of this book is that life is not determined by its pains and hurts, but rather by our ability to continue to live and contribute significantly to the development of all after we have encountered this challenge. If one person can be helped by this book which has been such an inspiration to the author, then to God the Eternal be continuous Praise! and the author’s goal would have been met.
I am grateful and happy to be working with Strategic Book publishing company on the publication of this simple reflection!
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New Book: 100 Ways to Feel Inspired

Would you mind taking a look at this website:http://sbpra.com/vincentesprit/.  It is a book which hopefully will soon be published,  Thank you very much for your visit and your time.



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Would you please tell that special person,
That you really appreciate them today,
And love them,
Thank them for being there for you.
Not tomorrow, not within the next hour.
I think now would be best,
Don’t you?


Is it really all about me,
Is it all about us, the world.

Is winning the name of the game,
Is participation the name.

Is it really domination,
Is it creating a space for the other to thrive,

Is it waiting for a space to be created,
Is it taking this space by virtue of my humanity,

Is it ambition,
Doing my best while not trampling on others,

Is it the problems of this world,
Is it how can I alleviate this one person’s pain,

Is it jealousy,
Giving thanks and praises for who I am,

In all these ors,
I would choose the second,
For here is the contrary to the race,
It is not about being no.1,
It is about…..