16th Sunday of Year A: Cycle 1( 2017)


Today, it’s all about internal peace and solidarity with others – the smallest seed becomes the greatest and it is also a shelter to other birds. Jesus’ analogy is perfect. At our baptism, this seed is planted in our hearts, minds and bodies. It is “watered” and cared for, by receiving the other sacraments – Eucharist, Penance, Confirmation etc. As we become more matured and responsible members of the Church, we are called to become the persons of love, discipline and responsibility – not only for ourselves but for others. This helps us to be aware and conscious of our needs and that of our neighbours. In stretching our hands to the neighbour, we become the solid support upon which he/she depends, in times of trouble or difficulties. Whether we give an encouraging word, a silent presence to a friend or a prayer on his behalf, we are in solidarity with others.



Lunar libration. see below for more descriptions
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Your voice to my youth still calls,
As to your paradise we all escaped,
where time was not of a moments sense,
In that golden jewel of glory light.

We played we laughed we cried a chorus,
As our wills to your fields descended,
And your smile to our hearts ascended,
These days of yonder all to ponder…..

But now in my years of growth,
Where the bowels of you is ever so clever,
I yearn not to rekindle this mother,
For her veins though not younger,
Is safe in my memory’s chamber,

And so I smile….

the river

Exposed riverine sediments
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island of rivers 365 rivers Dominica

you seem to be never ending your journey,
That meanders through life’s mountains and valleys,
Not even this waterfall so high,
Can your fear disclose.

And to all who pass you by,
your serene sound like honey to the milk,
Is never in want of ending,
This enchanting chrorus of your gliding dance.

Is there a heart for me,
In your heart of endless hearts,
Where the stress of today
Can no more hide its inner face,

Will you once more with me glide,
This dance of peace, of trust, of faith,
As in you my secrets are laid bare,
For I basque in your charm so sure.