A voice in the wilderness

I thought I should write,
I thought I should on paper and freeze this moment,
But What should seize my attention,
I thought I should stay with this economic crisis,
But who would listen,
I thought I should write on xenophobia,
In escaping the word racism,
I thought I should write on crime,
when so many future problem solvers,
In a cemetery have fallen asleep,
I thought I Should comment on this ash,
Which from Iceland spurts forth,
But torn between fertile lands and travelllers,
I thought I should bring down globalisation,
But what Should I say,
Maybe I could write on Obama’s victory,
But this history has already been frozen,
Then of what should I write,
I thought I should settle on global warming,
But economics would render me not,
Well why not write on modernism,
But postmodernism would hold me ransom,
I really thought to give christianity a call,
But where to start in its divisions,
I thought that nature would be best,
But the price of development is too high,
Well finally I thought I should stop here,
And continue this thought another day,
But still I thought…