The Reverse is True

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“In reality,
If God saves humanity from self-destruction,
When God’s spirit guides us,
To overcome the evil,
That is within us,
Then the corresponding is also true,
When we do good,
God is returning to us,
Our own selves.”  Fr. Esprit fmi


I fell

I do not believe it,
But it is true,
Of all the days of my life,
I have fallen,
And oh What a pleasant fall,
In love,
To be,
To be human,
To understand,
That Jesus fell in love with humanity,
And for that his life on a cross ended,
But through this seemingly defeat,
Everlasting life flowed into my veins.


Is it really all about me,
Is it all about us, the world.

Is winning the name of the game,
Is participation the name.

Is it really domination,
Is it creating a space for the other to thrive,

Is it waiting for a space to be created,
Is it taking this space by virtue of my humanity.

Is it ambition,
Doing my best while not trampling on others.

Is it the problems of this world,
Is it how can I alleviate this one person’s pain.

Is it jealousy,
Giving thanks and praises for who I am,

In all these ors
I would choose the second,
For here is the contrary to the race,
It is not about being no.1