Rise and walk

This land seeks none but you,
As the abyss does indeed peep through,
In these waters so deep you wade,
To reach this beyond which is quickly a fade,

And to the fields you trod,
To surely seek this mighty rod,
It’s journey no one else can take,
For in you lies not this useless fake.

And so girded to the waist,
You recognise not a minute waste,
For your strength to that explodes,
As your eyes to the sun decodes.

And slowly you rise to a stagger,
That forgets the weep of this beggar,
For that cup of courage that once eluded,
Has bathed the heart once secluded.

And from the deep you walk ashore,
In the footsteps of those great before,
For that flesh of old from your bones doth crawl,
As the sun did break this once forbidden wall.


Just Rite (inspired by Gary McDonald’s "Time can forge our hatred"’.)

Lay Not Thine Hand On The Lad
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The shadows of yonder that befalls my blunder,
With no more a mask I wonder,
Has not this day descend to the brave under,
Where the thoughts no longer me plunder.

But of truth I behold that nothing renders,
That from within seeks not this wander,
From this that was,
To the bosom of thine own is.

And so in life’s oblivious moments,
This cradle of truth doth seek to be,
In that might of lightning slumber,
As thine eyes to me beseech such another,

For in life’s glide so gently that ride,
Where footprints have all but inhibit this slide,
I have dawned to break this impending pride,
That renders this soul to be at peace.

And so gently I ride…