Living out My Baptism


As Christians, we must be willing to experience inconveniences for our Catholic Faith. Faith in Jesus is not only about receiving Jesus’ divine graces through the Holy church; or only about feeling good…smile ! Faith is also concerned with the struggles which we face daily. For example, our faith should lead us to these spiritual exercises at least once a month, outside of the Eucharistic Celebration of the Mass.

– making a group to pray the Rosary in church
– making a group to pray the Stations of the Cross and not wait only at the Lenten Season
– forming a legionary group
– forming the Sacred Heart Society
– reviving past societies – Holy Name, Saint John the Baptist, Social League, etc.
– prayer group
– Spending quality time reading the Word of God in the Bible
– experiencing Jesus’ love in the Sacrament of Confession
– regularly celebrating the Eucharist
– a new society/fraternity of the Catholic Church in today’s world (Post modern World)

We should not simply accept the situation as it is today (now). Even if we do not feel like participating or doing these spiritual exercises, we are called to make the effort. While our feelings and emotions are part of the Christian life, yet the gift of faith is more than our feelings. If we were to depend only on our feelings, then we would not even go to Church to meet Jesus, because sometimes we do not feel like going to church….. We are called to bear these little sacrifices of our time, in following Jesus in the Holy Catholic Church. It is critical to move beyound the “instant gratification” of our modern times – I want it now; I need it now and with no sacrifice, or inconvenience or pain, or sweat. Today, no one wants to accept challenges that allows them to grow inwardly. I still believe in the old maxim – ” no pain no gain.” The Holy Spirit is as present in the Church today, as the first day of Pentecost


block to Internal Peace

Over the years,
I’ve grown to believe,
That our biggest block to internal peace can be  our emotions,
It is unbelievable,
How our emotions dictate our expressions,
Regardless of the origins of these emotions,
They make themselves present in us,
Internal peace is arriving at an equilibrium,
Where our emotions,
Do not dictate our feelings or reactions,
When we encounter an external situation,
Or we remember a past hurt,
Therefore learning to control our emotions,
Is the beginning of internal peace,
And therefore,
We try not to give too much importance to our emotions,
They are not so important as we were made to think,
They are important,
But not so important,
We welcome them,
But we keep them at a balance,
Thus the need  to be rooted in Jesus Christ,
Everything is purified in the graces of the Lord,
Welcome to the road of internal peace…

Do you agree/disagree?