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Our Father in Heaven Teach us to Love

The goal of the Christian life in heaven or on earth,
Does not end with humanity,
It ends with the Father in heaven,
Jesus is the way, the truth and the life,
An authentic and radical life of love that leads us to the Father,
To remain with Jesus is always possible,
For to see Jesus is to see the Father,
But for those who desire a more intimate relationship with the Blessed Trinity,
The need to go to the end is possible in love,
It is possible in love to allow Jesus to lead us to the Father in heaven,
Who is Love par excellence,
The source of Jesus’ love,
And the source of all that is love,
Our Father in heaven,
Teach us to love like you,
Teach us to love,
As you taught your Son,
Teach us to love,
As the Holy Spirit that came from you and your Son Jesus,
Teach us to love like the Holy Trinity,
Teach us to love every human being unconditionally.

Are we able to love unconditionally in our world today? Is this attainable?