15th Sunday of Ordinary Time: Year A, Cycle I ( 2017)


Today, Jesus is concerned about a certain weakness in human beings – the lack of a persevering spirit. To develop our spiritual life of prayer, we must we willing to continuously work at it. Even if we do feel the discomfort that perseverance brings forth, it is paramount that we continue to grow in our prayer life. The prophet Isaiah says that the Word of God will not return to heaven before it completes its task on earth. The Word of God is Jesus Christ. He perseveres during his earthly ministry – especially during his suffering and passion. He neither runs away from his task, nor stops preaching and doing good. He faces many challenges and never gives up. The Gospel gives us the image of the fruit, that falls on fertile soil, and bears an abundance of fruit. In the same way, we are called to bear an abundance of fruit – love, joy, peace, perseverance, patience, kindness, goodness and self-control. Thank you Saint Kateri Tekakwitha for teaching us the gift of perseverance and success


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