” The Cry of the Rivers” by ex-soldier Mark Jacobs Mohawk Youth from Kahnawake in homage to the Pope’s encyclical “Laudato Si”



This symbolises the cry of mother earth; the cry of humanity – all taken to Saint Kateri Tekakwitha patron Saint of the environment. May we be divinely inspired to care for Mother Earth.


the pen

You lie on the desk,
Never wanting to be your own,
This you seem to tell,
Waiting for that touch.

So easily you submit your will,
Into the hands of the trusted,
This you seem to tell,
As the trusted’s will,
Beckons your command.

They rejoice in your calmness,
As without a word to the contrast,
To the task you ride,
WIth non other but the trusted,

So many are the secrets,
That pass through your veins,
So many are the thoughts,
That you hinder not,
As to the task you sride.

You feel the pressure this pressure,
Its getting stronger,
Your breath is almost gone,
Your legs to the slumber almost,
You wonder what is wrong,
The unbearable pressure in the fingers,
The trusted what have I done.

But all too soon you realise,
This feeling to you is new,
Its another to be added to your brain,
The anger of the trusted,
Even this you innocently take.

Oh your waist is gone,
This time you are broken,
And tosed in the bin,
No turning back,
You lie, no memory,
No feeling,
No one to help,
You have been used,

And all too quickly,
The trusted have another pen found,
With no regard for you.
And so the story goes.

The trusted.