It is Inconceivable

It is inconceivable to think outside of God,or to simply say this simple phrase “outside of God is not.” This phrase is valid as far as grammar and syntax of the English language but as a concept of the mind is really unthinkable. To say “outside of God is not” really implies that “not” as it stands conjures a conceptual reality, that exists outside of God. If this were true, then what would be this conceptual reality? What would it entail? Would it be another god? If this were true how would this new god compare to the already ever living, ever faithful God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and yes Jesus Christ who is One, the Alpha and Omega? To say that nothing exists outside of God is also unthinkable, for nothing also conjures up a conceptual reality, that becomes something. Nothing that is transformed into something does not exist on its own, it comes from God who is…… in the present, past and the future…and even this final phrase is limited in its attempt at describing all of who or what God is. God is more than our conceptual image of God. However, what we do know of God is sufficient for us to love him, a love that pushes us out of ourselves to embrace another.

just a simple thought!


2 thoughts on “It is Inconceivable

  1. Ms. CleverClocks April 13, 2011 / 5:22 pm

    This is a very interesting post. I definitely agree with many of your points. It really makes me think, so what is outside of God – if it is another God then isn’t that our God? God is the “supreme” being so if “our” God has something “outside” of him then we’re not really thinking big enough right? Our God is all powerful, all knowing, eternal, all those things mean that he is the highest you can go. The farthest you can understand. By that definition, technically there can be nothing outside of him… unless he is outside of our system… and then the hierarchy principle doesn’t apply to him. He is not the “sum of the parts,” but something else entirely. So then why do we define God in such a limited way? Doesn’t that mean that our perception is wrong?

    • Fr. Viny February 27, 2012 / 4:21 pm

      Hello Ms.Cleverclocks,

      My humble apologies for this terrible delay in replying to your very interesting review. Thanks for your visit. I enjoyed reading your comments. I think because we are limited beings, we tend to put God in a box. We are not wrong to do that because of our limitation to really understand God as he really is. However, we must always try to understand God beyound that box. Having said that, we are called to begin with his Incarnation-Jesus Christ. He himself was human and God at the same time – again limited in his humanity but trancendence in his Godly nature. What is important is for Christians to balance between the box and beyound the box in Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Thanks agin for your comment. I enjoyed reading it. God4s blessings and peace!

      Fr.Vincent Esprit FMI

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