Coming Soon…..”100 Ways to Feel Inspired”

…I am somebody…

“If you who are somebody,
Feels like nobody,
Then the blossoms of Spring,
Which seem to resist the advance of this summer breeze,
Is really not.”
Vincent Esprit

excerpt from book to be published “100 Ways to Feel Inspired.”

I have recently completed an interview with Tracy Krauss the author of “And the beat goes on” on her blog. Tracy was so kind to invite me to her blog. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience with Tracy. May God’s peace and light continue to guide your path Tracy.

If you are interested in the interview kindly visit tracy’s blogs at and http://www.krauss, Thank you for visiting.


2 thoughts on “Interview

  1. Marilyn Clara Allan January 11, 2011 / 10:17 pm

    I have known fr. Vincent for the past 9 years he was a parish priest in my community for 7 yrs he made a great impact on the parish of St Francis Xavier in La Plaine commomwealth of Dominica he touch the lifes of everbody in the parish young and old he build lots of foundation in spiritual lifes and work which we completed after he left up to this day people keep asking me when is fr vincent coming back ? he was a spritual father, brother, son. friend to everyone from all churches he is a true sheperd taking care of his flock he listen and took his call may the good lord look over him bless him daily we miss and love you father Vincent.

    • Fr. Viny January 14, 2011 / 7:19 pm

      Thank you clara this is very thoughtful and kind of you!

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